New York State Fair

August 30th, 2009

The New York State Fair is every Faux Farmer’s dream. This is where you get to see all the greatest farm animals up close and personal. You can pet them, see all the different varieties and then walk around and eat funnel cakes, ice cream and pizza. All the really good food is at the State Fair. I realize that the the term good is relative as I don’t think any of the food served up here is on any nutritional list. It is however very,very tasty and that is the good part. 

Now there are apples underneath all the caramel, sprinkles and chocolate so this little guilty pleasure is actually healthy in a under cover sort of way.

Speaking of quilty pleasures, my friends Chef Pam has a blog called www.guiltypleasuresclub.comwhere you can write in all your guilty pleasures. Check it out. But first – check the rest of the food at the New York State Fair.

Oh yeah! Giant soft serve ice cream. Where’s the chocolate dip?

Black and white cookies anyone?

Chocolate dipped cake with frosting – cupcakes on crack!

Roasted corn on the cob – now that is healthy isn’t it? Until they asked me if I wanted it dipped in butter and I said ” of course!

Now why is that pig smiling while his friend is roasting on the fire?

I don’t know – I really don’t like to see this part. It is too barbaric for me. This doesn’t stop me from eating pork mind you, I just don’t like to see this part.

It looks better this way.

Read this menu carefully, don’t you love the description on the special cut BBQ ribs?

Fried dough. Well I think the just about wraps up all the important food groups at the fair.

Good eats – now go run about 20 miles!

Faux Farm Girl


Eat it or Toss it?

April 1st, 2009


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