I don't get the toilet paper thing - use baby wipes - use a washcloth - use a leaf. I don't get the water thing - hello - turn on the faucet in your kitchen. I don't even get the bread thing - I have a bread maker - I can do that. But Cheez-Its!
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Ever since I was a little kid, I liked the idea of being a farmer, well actually a farmer’s wife. I’ll start again, I always liked the idea of living on a farm. Turns out, I liked the idea a whole lot better than the reality of farm life. Turns out, it is hard work, it is long hours and it is hell on a manicure. So instead of a farm we bought a little place that we call the Faux Farm. We have no animals and we grow no crops but it is near some big farms and so I made friends with my farmer neighbors. Amish farmers that is. I get to hang around their farm and play pretend farm girl and they get, well, I think they just get a good laugh out of it. We have a lot of good times together and then I drive home in my Porsche, watch TV, have a cocktail and paint my nails. I am the Faux Farm Girl.